Why is Folgers Coffee so Popular

April 12, 2016 Trinidad Trivia

There are millions of people all over the world who enjoy a good cup of coffee. Many of those people will go to their favorite coffeehouse or will brew some at home. One of the most popular brands of coffee is Folgers. Most people, even non coffee drinkers, have heard of Folgers coffee. There are many brands of coffee available, so what makes Folgers one of the most recognizable brands on the market and served in so many homes?

The color

Yes, the color of the container is one thing that stands out about Folgers coffee brand. The bright red and even the green for decaf, are recognizable by almost anyone in a supermarket. That red canister can be spotted from a block away, even if you do not drink coffee. There are some people that will actually go to another supermarket if they cannot find their Folgers in the red canister!


People who brew coffee in a drip type coffee maker seem to prefer Folgers over most other brands. It has a rich aroma while its brewing and has a less acidic aftertaste. Folgers coffee is not as strong and harsh as some coffees available in coffee shops and that is a major plus for some consumers. Some avid coffee drinkers like their coffee in large quantities and do not want the stomach aches that often accompany strong brews. 


Folgers coffee is one of the most affordable brands of coffee on the market today. The average price of coffee is not exactly cheap, as most people who visit a coffee shop already know. Yes, you can find slightly cheaper off brand coffees in your local grocery store, but those coffees generally have less flavor than Folgers. Sure, you can spend an absurd amount of money in search of the perfect coffee, but those coffees cost more and you get less which means replacing it more often.  


Some people buy Folgers out of sheer habit. Perhaps their parents drank it when they were kids, so as adults they drink it as well. This could be a comfort factor; a pleasant memory of childhood days or maybe it was the first type of coffee they ever had and just stuck with it. Some people might go by the adage: “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”. In other words, Folgers coffee tastes good, is less hassle and fits the pocketbook so why bother changing brands?


Brewing a pot of Folgers is much less hassle than getting out a grinder, figuring out how fine to grind the beans (oh and then there is the annoyance of choosing the right beans), being careful not to grind too much fresh coffee because it will lose its flavor quickly…you get the idea. When some people want their morning coffee, they want it now, not in a half an hour when they can finally start actually brewing it after they grind beans! Fresh ground coffee might taste better, but what a pain in the neck when you first wake up.

Folgers coffee may not suit the more sophisticated coffee drinking palate, but it has maintained its popularity for more than 100 years. The truth is you really can’t argue with over a century’s worth of satisfied customers. 

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