Should Tipping in Restaurants be Banned – No

April 10, 2016 Merlene Trivia

In this day and time, we should definitely not stop tipping our waitresses and other servers.   For many of the people in these jobs, they are being paid at minimum wage or below and often times the tips are the only way they are able to survive.   I am often times amazed at the amount of folks we want to do work for little or no money.   I have worked with various musicians and actors here in the North Carolina area, as well as beyond, and often times they are asked to do service for way under their going rate.   And then we wonder why these folks who have developed these great skills have to go in fields like being a waiter or a bartender in order to augment their existing salaries.   And, then to add to insult, there are folks that want to have them not make additional money by refusing to tip them or asking them not to be tipped.

This is just wrong on so many levels.    I have had the privilege of having friends work in restaurants, hotels, bars, and other service related industries and I can tell you where it not for tips they would barely survive in our society.   It is important that we treat all of our workers justly and fairly and make sure that they are rewarded adequately.    A lot of people may not realize it but it takes great people skills to work in these jobs, and you have to learn all kinds of interpersonal skills as well, and thus these folks should be treated justly and rewarded in such a way.    How many of us would truly know how to make a Tequila Sunrise or even a simple Rum and Coke were it not for people who were trained to do this work.   How many of us would truly like to make our own beds or deliver our own luggage if it were not for people doing these jobs.    And, for those who skip out on paying the minimal amount, they should be ashamed.  After all, most cell phones and calculators these days even come with a tip conversion feature so we can adequately figure out how much we should pay.  I strongly urge all of us to be fair to all of our fellow workers, even those in jobs that we probably held ourselves when we were younger, maybe even held them in college or High School.  But, in this day and time, we are finding many adults of all ages having to do this kind of work and deserving of fair compensation.

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