Returning Food in a Restaurant – Yes

April 15, 2016 Terica Trivia

I truly believe it is “old school” to think  your food is always safe when sent back to the kitchen.  Don’t feel bad, I too, felt this way before I entered into the the world of the food service industry.  As much as one would hope these things could never happen, they do.  The odds do tip in the favor of the customer, that your problem will be rectified and your food will return to your table, better than when it left.  There are things the customer can do to help make sure this does not happen, which I will go into later.  Unfortunately, there are those employees that seem to have no moral standards whatsoever and will stop at nothing to get the upper hand on the customer complainant.  I would first like to say, I have only seen this situation occur twice in my ten year career, which was two times too many.

Why does this happen?  Who knows.  In my experience with these two individuals, it was because they were angered.  Plain and simple. In one case, it was because someone complained about their drink, asking the server to change it over and over.  Do you have the right to do so?  Yes you do.  The other instance, was from a cook, who dropped the food and then placed it upon the plate.  When I found out about the server incident, I went to management and she was fired on the spot.  The second incident, I was not privy to, until later, and he was also fired.  Realistically, most food service employees who stoop to this behavior are never found out.  You will probably never see it coming, or do you?

What do I mean?  Once again let me be clear on this matter.  Tampering with someones food should never be done or tolerated.  Stay with me here.  Are you the type of diner that is a complainer?  Do you treat the waiter or waitress the way you would like to be treated?  Being on “both” sides of the table, let me explain.  There are customers who will always, no matter what treat someone who waits on them, as if that person were beneath them.  Perhaps this is shown by the way they speak to the server, or by snapping your fingers to get their attention, whistling as if they are a dog, or just by being short with them.  The rule when going out to eat, treat someone who waits on you, the way you would like to be treated.  They are human beings also and most make a server wage of $3.65 and hour and depend on tips as the majority of their wages.  When it comes to a complaint about the food, please do not take it out on the server, it isn’t their fault.

It is always best to be nice when asking someone to either, change an order or fix a problem with your food.  Remember, you can always get more bees with honey than you do with vinegar.  Translation.  Be sweet, not nasty.  Chances are pretty good your food will not be harmed.  Believe it or not, servers do tell the cook whether or not you were hateful or very sweet about it.  If your server has a bad attitude no matter how nice you were, go to the manager and get your money back.  If done correctly, you just may get all your meals paid for.  Bon Appetit!

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