How To Treat Sun Poisoning

April 9, 2016 Admin Body

The best possible remedy for sun poisoning is obviously PREVENTION. We all know the dangers of not using a sun screen cream to protect us from ultraviolet rays. Use a sunscreen with minimum SPF 30 and higher for sensitive skin and children. It’s a good idea to keep sun screen in the bag or the […]


Five Reasons why you should Tip in a Restaurant

April 9, 2016 Berry Trivia

I used to wait tables in restaurants.  For 13 years, it was my job to make sure customers enjoyed a wonderful dining experience.  The food had to be appetizing.  The ambience had to be enlightening.  The atmosphere had to be enticing.  Restaurants depended on their servers to be precise and professional.  As a former server, […]


The art of mastering a fine coffee brew

April 9, 2016 Renaldo Trivia

There is much to be said about the perfect cup of coffee. Yet so much is clouded by old wives’ tales and misinformation. What counts is simple math and physics, and as long as you understand the chemistry of coffee you can produce a perfect cup every time. Grind The finer you grind the coffee […]


Symptoms present in various classes of Crohn’s disease

April 9, 2016 Admin Body

Crohn’s disease is a chronic (severe and persisting from weeks to months after tissue damage) inflammatory (natural defense mechanism of the human body against injury, infection and allergy marked by an increase in regional blood flow, migration of white blood cells and release of chemical toxins) bowel disease that can affect anywhere in the gastrointestinal […]


Coffee buying made simple

April 9, 2016 Janel Trivia

Buying coffee that is a cut above what everybody else is drinking is by no means rocket science. However, like every pursuit that yields great rewards, it requires perseverance and perhaps a little bit of luck. Fortunately, there is no need to do copious amounts of research, as many others have already done the hard […]


Tips for going out to Eat alone

April 8, 2016 Wade Trivia

There are some people for whom the very idea of eating alone in a restaurant is unthinkable.  They don’t do it, they can’t imagine ever doing it, and they assume that anyone who would go to a restaurant (or a movie theater or the beach or most other public places) alone must be some kind […]


The best coffee from a drip coffee maker

April 8, 2016 Quintin Trivia

Whether it is that first morning cup of sunshine or the inspiration that follows dinner, coffee can only be truly enjoyed when it is good coffee. Although the coffee that is used is very important, so is the preparation of it. Drip coffee makers come in different sizes, and therefore require different preparation. The same […]


Lower Abdominal Pain

April 7, 2016 Admin Body

Lower abdominal pain is the main symptom of abdomen problem. This is the reason why it is important to know that though the pain and kidney pain have similar symptoms, they have different causes. You may experience these symptoms caused by a kidney problem, while others can have the same back pain symptoms caused mainly […]


Should Tipping in Restaurants be Banned no – No

April 7, 2016 Belia Trivia

Tipping in restaurants is more than a tradition. It is a way for restaurants to hire quality employees and make a profit. Tipping allows servers to make a good living with minimal skills. It is also a way for the customer to express there satisfaction with the service they received. If tipping in restaurants were […]


Cough remedies: 10 Cough remedies you should know about

March 6, 2016 Admin Body

Coughing is your body’s way of clearing the throat and getting rid of the irritants; it may not be that much of problem but if it persists then you need to get rid of cough by making using of the remedies. These remedies are mostly home remedies but there also some allopathic solutions too. The […]


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