Lower Abdominal Pain

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Lower abdominal pain is the main symptom of abdomen problem. This is the reason why it is important to know that though the pain and kidney pain have similar symptoms, they have different causes. You may experience these symptoms caused by a kidney problem, while others can have the same back pain symptoms caused mainly by a back problem.

When Does it Signal Kidney Problem

The kidneys are located to the right and left side of the spine just above the hips. Kidney infection pain usually occurs close to the same area, although the pain is radiated outwards, thereby complicating the diagnosis. This is characterized by lower back pain kidney symptom, which is more of a general ache or tenderness. A stabbing and strong pain is actually more of a back problem and not a kidney problem. Tender ache or pain is often due to kidney infection or some types of kidney injuries. For example, an injury caused by an accident or fall could possibly compress one kidney, thereby impacting it and causing serious damage.

Aside from the lower back pain kidney symptom caused by an injury or accident, other symptoms may also be associated with a kidney problem. Pain in this condition is more common than the pain due to physical trauma. Additionally, lower back pain kidney symptom is accompanied with other symptoms like pain while urinating, fever, and blood in the urine.

How to Tell if You Have a Kidney Problem

Aside from the lower left pain in abdomen symptom, other symptoms may likely signal kidney problem. Other symptoms include: chills, pain, and fever. Tenderness on the kidney area and nausea can also occur. Your health care provider will subject you to undergo series of test to diagnose your condition. Tests include kidney functioning test and bacterial test. Why do you need to undergo two types of test? It’s because kidney disorders are classified into two types, each caused by different factors. Pain relief and treatment will probably include taking antibiotics for bacterial infections and antibiotics. The treatment will usually last for a couple of weeks; however some people who have structural issues will require treatment for a longer time.

The bottom line here is you definitely want to get the most accurate information about what is possibly causing your lower abdominal pain symptom. It can be a plain lower back pain or kidney problem; however, it’s not your job to diagnose yourself. Do not assume or self-diagnose. If you have kidney infection that’s left untreated, you can have some catastrophic heath implications. If you experience this pain, make sure to consult with your doctor immediately as it could really be much more than just a back pain problem. The treatment for a lower back pain caused by simple conditions such as over exertion or poor posture is far different from that treatment caused by a kidney problem.

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