Is Bold Coffee really better

April 13, 2016 Trent Trivia

This is one question that cannot be answered with a simple yes or no. Some people prefer bold flavored coffee and some people prefer a milder flavor. The facts can be broken down quite easily:


Bold roasts tend to have a higher acid content than lighter roasts. This is a con in some coffee drinker’s minds because more acid can lead to heart burn, upset stomach and even headaches. Not everyone likes to take antacids after their morning cup of java; okay, there probably isn’t anyone who likes taking antacids. Hint: if you take antacids after drinking your coffee, you might want to try a milder brew.

Rich aroma

There is no denying that the stronger the roast, the richer the aroma. Most coffee drinkers can agree that one of the best parts about brewing a pot of coffee or even walking into a coffee shop, is the smell. That eye opening aroma of coffee drifting through the kitchen into the rest of the house first thing in the morning is definitely worth waking up for, even on the worst days. On the other hand, some people actually find the smell of strong coffee rather offensive and liken it to some rather unpleasant things (sweaty feet for example).  


Picture two cups of coffee sitting side by side, one is a dark color and one is light brown. Which one sounds more appealing? Most people would probably choose the darker colored coffee simply because it looks like…well, like coffee. Lighter colored coffees are weaker and frankly if you probably do not want a cup of coffee that looks like tea. 


Bold coffee has a taste that jumps right out of the cup and greets you with each sip. Milder coffee can border on weak and lack flavor, in some people’s opinion. The bottom line is when you drink coffee, you want to know you are drinking coffee and not colored water. Coffee is just supposed to have that certain flavor and the bolder it is, the better it is, at least for some folks. Some people might think that strong coffee tastes too bitter and dislike it.  

What it all boils down to is personal preference and that’s all there is to it. Some people will argue that bold coffee is the only way to drink coffee. Some people enjoy coffee but in a milder roast. There actually is not a right or wrong because everyone is different and entitled to their own unique choices. One thing that can be agreed on is that coffee is good and should be enjoyed whether bold or mild.

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