Five Reasons why you should Tip in a Restaurant

April 9, 2016 Berry Trivia

I used to wait tables in restaurants.  For 13 years, it was my job to make sure customers enjoyed a wonderful dining experience.  The food had to be appetizing.  The ambience had to be enlightening.  The atmosphere had to be enticing.  Restaurants depended on their servers to be precise and professional. 

As a former server, I learned that customers had this “myth” about us.  Some believed that we made more than minimal wage.  In my time, I never made more that $4.25 an hour waiting tables.  Also, I was taxed incredibly high because of my job.  Frankly, I averaged $400 a week as a waiter working six days a week.  I wasn’t the busty, perky and blonde bombshell.  I was someone that worked twice as hard to be the best job I could.  And with that, I was rewarded with repeat customers and influential clients.

Since I waited tables, I became a more appreciative customer.  Before working in restaurants, I dined out and left 10% tips.  One time, I took a date to Lake Rathbun.  We ate at this Italian family restaurant called Mapo’s (1988).  Two sodas and two spaghetti dinners ran up a $25.00 tab.  The service was excellent so I left three dollars.  At the time, it was fair.  But, I had never waited tables until 1996.

After that, I appreciated good customer service.  I relished great customer service.  My tip percentage increased from 10% to 30%.  I tipped when I went to nightclubs and bars.  I tipped when picking to-go food from restaurants.  I tipped pizza delivery persons.  I learned that when I tipped, I didn’t wait too long for my drinks.  Bartenders and waitstaff knew what I liked and got it for me right away.  They took care of me better because I did it to them.

From my serving experience, I learned the value of tipping.

1) I never had to wait to be served.

2) I was guaranteed to be get a server’s best effort in handling my table.

3) I was assured that most problems could be corrected.

4) My date and I spent our times virtually uninterrupted.

5) Check service was as quick and efficient as everything else.

My former customers who were cheap (to the point of insulting) got service just below the best.  I took care of my best customers a little better.  I did convert some of the tougher customers.  After some time, they tipped me better.  And, I responded by taking care of them the absolute best I could.  Positive reinforcement worked on both sides.

Most customers who tipped almost always received the best service.  Servers worked harder for them than for those who didn’t tip.  I worked in 13 different restaurants and eateries.  Cheap customers got below average service.  That was the unwritten rule I discovered. 

Which made me as a customer respect servers more.   Even now, I tip because I understand.  I tip because I’ve been through what my server’s been through.  I’ve walked a mile their shoes and ended up at their service.

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