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April 12, 2016 Clyde Trivia

Cell phones should not be banned in restaurants. More and more it’s starting to look like we no longer live in the land of the free and the the government is starting to slowly but surely control what we do in our own little personal areas with our own property. First the cigarettes got banned in the restaurants which disgruntled many many people. It was understandable though, since cigarettes can possibly contribute to illnesses of second hand smokers. However, the right to have a nice smoke inside a warm restaurant after a meal was still violated. No one seemed to care about the people who had to take their drags in the snow. This was discrimination. Restaurants were already split into smoking and non-smoking sections, but apparently that wasn’t good enough.

 So why now should cell phones be banned in restaurants? Are we now scaring the elderly with our big loud cell phones and sending them into cardiac arrest? Is radioactive material now coming out of the phones and poisoning the non-cellular public? Are we taking pictures of Bubba Jim’s secret barbecue sauce ingredients and selling it to the newspapers? Or is some waitress just irritated because it took a little longer for her to get an order from a customer because the customer was on the phone? Maybe Suzy the paying customer got mad because Lauren the paying customer was having a loud telephone conversation with her boyfriend with way too much information that Suzy didn’t want to hear? It could be that Bob likes to play crossword puzzles while he dines and he can’t think over the Justin Bieber ring tone.  Whatever the reason is it surely is not strong enough of a reason to violate any more of our personal rights.

Mothers use cell phones as a way of keeping in contact with their older children when they go out. Parents also need to communicate with their care providers for the younger children at such times when they are at work or dining. If someone’s child is having an emergency the phone is not doing the child or the parent any good if it’s in the car or if it’s turned off.

Some people’s jobs require that they have access to a cell phone at all times because they may be on call (Lawyers, Doctors, Stockbrokers, etc.) . Some people in the medical field would need to leave immediately if called. A surgical doctor may have to perform an operation. What if someone died because their doctor could not make it to operate on them due to his cell phone being in the car while he was in the restaurant?

Smart phones such as Blackberrys and Androids also double as small computers which ads a myriad of important tasks that those cell phones are needed by the user to do: Homework, creative writing, calculating, research, driving directions, reading, playing music, playing movies, etc. These people could be using their phones as another kind of instrument. I would hope that they would have a legal right to use their calculators in a restaurant!

Social networking makes some people happy as well. Otherwise cranky and depressed teenagers actually smile when they have a cell phone they can tweet from or do mobile Facebook and Myspace on. Shy adults can and do also use their cell phones to do social networking. Some do it when they are in restaurants. Texting has also become the new main form of communication between people. Most people prefer texting to talking. Yes, people do text inside of restaurants, but this is usually a very quiet operation that shouldn’t disturb anyone. I personally like to text my friends while I’m waiting for the waitress to bring my food or my tasty Pina Colada. If forced to listen to elevator music and stare at the ceiling instead I would be very disgruntled. If a restaurant asked that I remove my cell phone and put it in the car, my body would also go inside the car and then the car would be seen a mile away kicking out smoke on its way to the restaurant that did not ban cell phones.

Is it always necessary for us to use our cell phones while we are eating? Absolutely not. The question is is it detrimental to anyone if we do? Until we hear news reports of patrons being killed from someone twittering inside of a restaurant or some fatal disease being passed through cell phone frequencies there is just not enough evidence in support of banning cell phones in restaurants.

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