5 Helpful Tips when Eating out with Kids

April 14, 2016 Monserrate Trivia

Having a nice relaxing night out at dinner is a pleasure.  It can be a chance to unwind, relax and have a really fun time with family.  Unfortunately children sometimes make this a sheer impossibility.  Screaming, yelling and tantrums can mar a very nice evening.  To remedy this issue here is a list of 5 helpful tips you can add to your arsenal when you are eating out with kids.

1)      Let the Kids pick the Restaurant.

You are not going to want Chuck-E-Cheese every night, but sometimes it is best to bend to the will of fate and go someplace, “where a kid can be a kid.”  This allows them to have a good time and makes it a lot easier on adults to keep them under control and in line.

2)      Reward good Behavior/ Punish bad Behavior.

This doesn’t do much for you the moment that junior is on the floor pulling his hair out in a tantrum, but in the long run it will help you greatly.  Kids need to know what to expect.  If they know that good behavior means rewards (ice cream after dinner) and excessively bad behavior will ALWAYS get them punished they are a little more likely to tow the line.  The watch word here is consistently.  You cannot decide to arbitrarily enforce the rules.

3)      Keep the Kids Entertained.

Often kids act up for no more reason than sheer boredom.   Make sure they are not bored.  At places like Chuck-E-Cheese that is taken care of.  Make sure to bring some coloring books, crayons and similar quiet play items for the kids.  Give them viable option to bide their time and not act up. 

4)      Keep Vegetable fights to a Minimum

It is going t be difficult to make kids eat the things they do not want to.  At home it is likely you are able to get it done.  The difficulty increases in public.  It might be best to only make halfhearted attempt at getting them to eat the things they hate (vegetables likely).  After all are you always perfect about your diet while eating out.  It is okay to be a “little” bad once and a while.

5)      Order old Standbys

Kids are not gourmands.  Do not expect them to like new dishes.  They won’t on principle.  Telling them Salisbury steak is “just like Hamburger” is well and good, but when the food shows, they will likely not try it if they want hamburger.  If you want them to try it, order it yourself and offer them a bite, maybe they will be interested for the next time.

Kids can be difficult to deal with, but not impossible.  If you know the things that trigger them and preempt them you can avoid a lot of the dinner drama that occurs.  Eating out with kids does not need to be a disaster with a little bit of planning.

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